MERC Science Team

The MERC Testing Team consisting of Co-PIs and technical staff from MERC Partner Institutions. The Testing Team carries out all MERC evaluations and related activies, analyzes results and drafts final reports.




Technology Evaluations
Mario Tamburri, Director - CBL/UMCES
Janet Barnes, Program Coordinator - CBL/UMCES
George Smith, Facilities Manager - SERC
Katherine Davis Ziombra, Data Manager - CBL/UMCES
Earle Buckley, Quality Assurance Manager - Buckley Environmental
Greg Ruiz, Co-PI - SERC
Darrick Sparks - SERC
Tim Mullady - SERC
Anwar Huq, Co-PI - UM
Elisa Taviani - UM
Dan Fisher, Co-PI - UM WREC
Greg Ziegler, UM WREC

Environmental Economics
Dennis King, Co-PI - CBL/UMCES
Pat Hagan - CBL/UMCES
Elizabeth Price - CBL/UMCES
Joyce Cantrell - CBL/UMCES