MERC Call for Applications to Evaluate Ballast Water Treatment Systems
MERC offers test and evaluation services to developers/manufacturers of ballast water management systems (BWMSs) designed to prevent the transport of non-native aquatic species and to meet IMO and USCG ballast water discharge standards, as well as other maritime environmental technologies. The goal is to further the efficient and effective transition of treatments and technologies from concept and prototype to certification and routine operational use.
MERC BWMS research services evaluate treatment and technology performance and efficacy against a range of environmental conditions (including diverse taxonomic and size categories of ambient organisms for BWMS testing) in the lab and at the land-based and full shipboard scales. BWMS Test Plans are designed to cover the requirements of both the IMO G8/G9 Guidelines and US EPA ETV Protocols.
MERC Independent Laboratory certification testing of BWMSs is carried out through NSF International and are subject to the terms and condition of the Independent Laboratory and US Coast Guard Regulations. MERC is also available to conduct testing of BWMS for Type Approval Certification by other Administrations beyond the US.
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Test Facility
MERC offers testing on a Mobile Test Platform, that will allow ballast water treatment systems to be evaluated in Baltimore MD (salinity 5 - 12 psu), Norfolk VA (salinity 18 - 25 psu) and/or Sharptown MD (Nanticoke River, 0 psu) with one system installation. The MERC facility (pictured above) includes two 300 m3 tanks, two 300 m3/hr pumps and all other associated infractructure to complete G8/G9 and ETV testing. For examples of prior test protocols and final reports see MERC Reports.
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MERC also offers some selected system testing onboard the US Maritime Administration vessel Cape Washington.


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