The MERC Advisory Board consisting of individuals who represent a cross-section of diverse constituents and stakeholders. The Advisory Board provides insight and recommendations on appropriate technologies and issues for MERC to address, provides topic specific technical advice, and serves as peer-reviewers of MERC reports.



Frank Hamons / John Vasina - Maryland Port Administration
Carolyn Junemann - US Maritime Administration
Whitman Miller - Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Rita Colwell - University of Maryland
Charles Dorchak - American Bureau of Shipping
Kathy Metcalf - US Chamber of Shipping
Mike Derby - Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Read Porter - Environmental Law Institute
Allegra Cangelosi - Northeast-Midwest Institute
Tom Stevens - NSF International
Jesus Cisneros-Aguirre - University of Las Palmas
Lucinda Lessley - Enviro LA, Rep. Cummings - Ex Efficio